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Take your dog! Life's too short to explore alone.

Have you ever thought about traveling with your dog?  I've been traveling with my dog for years & having a blast! 

My dogs and I have explored via many modes of transportation: car, airplane, motorhome, bike, ferry, train & even a canoe!  We've stayed in posh hotels to road-side motels and places in-between.  Camped, hiked, walked & been carried (my dog, not me!) to restaurants, cafes, stores, parks, museums, campgrounds, cities (foreign & domestic), trails, beaches & other dog friendly places, and believe me there are lots of dog friendly places!

Over the years, people have come up to me saying how much fun my dogs seem to be having (pssst.....they are!) and asking lots of questions about how they can travel with their dog, or just include their dog in more of their local destinations too!  On this website, I want to share my experiences to inspire others to take their dog!

dog friendly travel drives Dog Gone AdventureSo ask yourself.......

  • do you love spending time with your dog?
  • do you miss your dog when you are traveling?
  • you've thought about taking your dog on trips with you, but how do you go about that?
  • you want suggestions on what to bring, buy or use when traveling with your dog?
  • you would like suggestions on things to do & places to go when traveling with your dog.
  • or you may be like me and take your dog everywhere! so please share your stories & feedback with me on just how great it is to have your dog as your travel companion!

Stay tuned......I will share my stories, information on places we visit & products/gadgets I have found useful (or not) from the years I have spent traveling with my dogs. And maybe some other fun tips about this lovely, crazy life I share with my dogs.  Afterall, life is a Dog Gone Adventure.......all paws in!

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Welcome to Dog Gone Adventure - Dog-friendly travel & life. I'm so glad you're here. Grab your dog and let's get ready to explore.

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Whether you’re hitting the beach, or headed for a colder climate, I’ve got you covered. This checklist has everything you need to travel happily and safely with your dog.

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Come see me every 3rd Thursday at the Melrose Market where I will offer reiki energy healing for your dog and reiki - healing energy infused Guardian Angel and St Francis collar charms for your beloved pets.

About me

I love to travel & explore as many places as possible!  I am an energy healer who holds certificates as a reiki master and life force energy practitioner.  I am passionate about dogs (and animals in general) and am continually increasing my awareness and knowledge in the fields of energy healing, energy medicine, spirituality, and wellness to help heal not only all animals, but humans too!